Hello Jeff

April 13, 2009 at 2:38 pm

I think you did a wonderful job of explaining the difference between neuropathy and residuals. My Drs. could not have done as well. Jeff, yes my pain did increase, and to answer a previous question, as you did Jeff, I could not wait to post the answer and kept on reading the posts and then you anwered before me. 🙂 The reason my Dr. knew things were getting worse was because I told him. I started feeling more numb and more burning than usual and therefore more pain. I too have great pain Drs at one of the best pain facilities and Drs in the country. I too am on the 80mg med 3 times a day along with lyrica and all the other stuff that has came out over the years. I have to say that the oxy does not have to be increased continually as someone posted above. I have been on it ever since they came out with it. I think I would then have to be taking it by the truck loads if that is true. Jeff, I agree, there is no need for us to keep answering the same questions for people who have not evidentally had any SEVERE pain for any length of time. These people could be millionairs if they could treat people for pain without narcotics. Have a good day Jeff.
God bless,