Hay Dawn

March 30, 2008 at 1:02 pm

Thanks for your kind words n thoughts. The sugar issues ARE from the Prendisone, I’ve neen stress tested for Diabetes and have no Family History. Plus the 138 of the last test was not “fasting” (right after Breakfast)

I’ve suggested CMT, I’m to see him Thursday. The “Flu-Like” ymptoms persist long after the infuusion and the Prendisone keeps the weakness, numbness, etc, in check, but the IVIG has no real effect, I see, at all. The numness sieems to be stable, but the tingling/weakness has spread up my thighs, grr!

ANYWAY, I’m going to press him for answers, not BS, and, if he isn’t going tyo change his “stay the course” attitude, Ali, from here and Marylin, contasct person, here local, have given me names of a couple other docs that specialize in this crud? We’ll see.

Yes, I’m frustrated, but I’m in alot less pain than many- I’m just trying to plan-alot resrs on my shoulders. And, what idf, they get no further, AND SS denies my claim? Both likely, as I see it?

Anyway, I’m better off than many and not destitute, just yet;-) Just trying to effect “Damage Control”

Peace to you,