Having a can is better than not having one

December 12, 2008 at 11:36 am

I am constantly surprised at how handy my cane can be. It’s a good ‘reacher’ for many things…such as boxes or cans in that top shelf of the kitchen cabinet? And, well, it’s kept me from falling down and breaking feet or knees on more than one occasion. I like NOT having broken bones, truly!
I have two canes…my grungy one, very well used and standard issue from the hospital for an issue prior to my CIDP. The other one, I shopped around on-line for and I call it my ‘dress’ cane. There are many, many styles! Many are metallic or other substances and come in lots of wide colors, and others are classic wood with amazing handle styles as well as prices. There are also collapsable or folding canes that come in colors as well so you don’t have this ‘stick’ for others to trip over. As for how other people deal with MY using a cane? Well, first off, it’s none of their business, so I agree with all above about the less said the better. Second, YOU have to, you MUST think of your own safety both now and in the long term! Just be sure that you get your cane adjusted or cut to the best and most comfortable height for you! Having one too high or low can create more problems than it can help.
For super noticability? Go to an auto shop and get some adhesive reflector stick on tape? And Duct Tape does have a very wide variety of colors to choose from as well. Sooo, now all you have to do is go on-line and pick one, print out the page and give it to your DH and say….I want THIS! Betcha you’ll find it under the tree? And,….he’ll be proud that he did it all himself! Betcha! [I know my own DH was!]
Remember too, that HE’s gotta wrap the thing! Just picture that in your mind as you are picking one out! You’ve got to smile a little?