Have you considered Hopkins?

November 3, 2010 at 4:06 pm

Four years ago, when my CIDP was at its worst, I contacted University of Maryland’s Hospital with respect to help in getting a diagnosis. Through one conversation or another, I was led to believe that UM did not so much specialize in neurological disease and was far better suited for trauma care, cancer, transplantation, and certain other specialties. It took another several months before a recommendation led me to Johns Hopkins where I finally received diagnosis and treatment. The JHH Department of Neurology is both large and well known. Last year, a year where Hopkins was again declared the #1 hospital in the US by Newsweek (and I think we need to take all such “ratings” with grains of salt, because everyone tends to have somewhat different experiences) and their Department of Neurology was named #1 in the country. I do know that I was exceptionally pleased with my doctor and most impressed with everything related to my treatment, which consisted of IVIG given over a course of 18 months. Hopkins has its own protocol for IVIG, which protocol was given to me by a kind nurse at my first treatment and still features some innovations that I have need heard about elsewhere. My doctor is one of the world’s leading researchers on CIDP and is a member of this Foundation’s Medical Advisory Staff. His name is Dr. David Cornblath. If you haven’t already considered it, might I suggest you look into the possibility of care at Hopkins?