Has anyone thought it might be

March 22, 2008 at 9:21 am

bunions? I ask only because I have ‘mild’ ones. I’ve always worn sensible shoes and it’s happening anyhow. I figure it’s due to muscle contraction as I don’t walk as ‘normally’ as I used to due to the CIDP balance and strength issues.
I use items called ‘toe separators’ to provide relieve between the big toe and the second toe. They help immensely.
Worth taking a look at and considering. It’s usually not severe, but a good podiatrist can help you if you have concerns. It CAN and DOES hurt at times tho!

Stacy, my toes don’t move very well either, I do the exercise of picking up and letting-go a bunch of marbles from a big pan into a dish. First at a minute and building up to two minutes each foot. At first the toes were so bad I just sort of jammed the marbles between my toes and let gravity drop them but after a week of trying I actually got toe function. My feet did get very sore doing this at first but it paid off in the long run. I got this exercise from a physical therapist.