Hang In There Baby

September 20, 2009 at 10:07 pm


Just be wary of overdoing and, my thought, is try to fnd a yong, hungry Neuroogist trying to”save the world?”

If they get around pre-conceptions (let’s face it the likewhat as worked in othr cases) and work WITH you, in stead of ON you, you’ll improve. EVERY oc I’ve conulted w tell me AIDP (GBS) and CIDP don’t hpen together (tho, some Post GBS symptoms are about the same) I ave an 8 year old, I don’t want her to see “Daddy Fall Out?”

But, take ope, if you are improving, yo are no getting worse? Soundssilly, but, a Day at Time (


PS- I’m told, CIDP hasa specific cope Pattern. Have you been, also, checked for Lyme Disease ? And Glan Function? Thyroid? (Most Neuros woul know o do this)