Hang in there, and keep your spirits up!

March 2, 2011 at 9:40 am

“[B][/B]GBS about a week and half ago. Friday night he started the first of 5 IVIG treatments. At the time he could still walk. Since that time, his ability to walk as decreased, he now can hardly get out of a chair. I see him getting weaker every day. It has been a week since the last IVIG treatment.[B][/B]”

About how old is your husband?
There is an excellent paper put out in the gbs newsletter that talked about age vs recovery, etc. You can view the articles online on this website.

We all are wishing for a speedy recovery for him. When I came down with GBS, 11/07, it came on a little quicker than your husbands. The symptoms and attacks ran their course, and recovery began. That said, your husband could start seeing recovery soon. It’s possible they’ll administer additional or different treatments if he doesn’t respond to the ivig. It’s a long road back, but with time, he will get there. I feel I’m still recovering, with minor setbacks from time to time. Keep us updated or email questions.