Half Lives

January 31, 2008 at 1:33 pm

A few days ago I found a table showing a breakdown of half-life for different types of antibodies. While it is three weeks for IgG, it is only five to 10 days for IgM. This sheds quite a different light on the significance of the chart showing depletion of IgM.[/QUOTE]

Hi Norb
Surprising!! I did a search after you mentioned the half life of IgM and came across a similar table. Now I am trying to get a grasp of what this means in layman’s terms!!
Mathematically it means that after 10 days half the IgM are gone and the rest not far behind (down to 3% after two months and all gone in three months or less).
That might explain the very different results of different Rituxan patients. The whole key to success would be the elimination of the rogue B-cells, because the lives of the IgM are short, but until the faulty B-cells are gone, the anti-MAG IgM is still being produced. Some patients must have been “luckier” than others in that the Rituxan randomly found the rogue B-cells sooner and results were dramatic.
Do you think that is the explanation (in my simple terms)?