Had the nerve conductiion study

December 27, 2007 at 1:25 pm

They redid the nerve conduction study and told me that it acually looks better then the last one. So now I don’t know what to think. The doctor hasn’t talked to me yet about it because he said he was waiting for the results to come back still. I don’t know what more is going to happen and if there is going to be more to come. As the neurologist had also told me there are numerous conditions that present the same symptoms that I have and they are hard to diagnose.

So I am going to ask him again what else is going to happen. There might be more tests. I think somehow the messages are not being relayed from my brain to the areas that are affected and that is ehat is happening but where this is happening I don’t know. As I can’t feel or move my legs from my hips down and my hands are also affected there is some kind of lack of ability for the nerves to function. The nerve conduction study shows the nerves are fine but the voluntary movements are not there. So there must be some type of blockage in them. I don’t know what might be happening but hopefully I will get an answer to this.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement through this time it means a lot. I wish you the best for the New Year.