Had IVIG when pregnant!

April 10, 2007 at 3:34 pm

I have had CIDP for 13.5yrs. I was originally diagnosed when my firstborn was 5mths old. I began IVIG treatments at that time and had them for the next 10yrs, through 2 other pregnancies. During my second pregnancy, I had them every 2 weeks most of the time as with my hormones in turmoil, I had problems with sensations and pain that increased. With my third pregnancy, I just kept them at 8 weeks apart and then after deliver, weaned off them totally.

I also had them through nursing up to almost 3yrs of age. My neurologists never had any problem with my having them during pregnancy. They kept me “stable” at a time that some flare up.

I would be more than willing to talk to your daughter if she wants as I have talked to others when pregnant.

Deb Bernasky(Canada)