Gut Brain link found in mice

May 24, 2011 at 1:13 pm

The podcast is a Scientific American 60 second update that repeats, verbatim, the written text on the referenced webpage.

I prefer the article’s conclusion in the originally referenced Gastroenterology Journal.

Here is the conclusion: “The intestinal microbiota influences brain chemistry and behavior independently of the autonomic nervous system, GI-specific neurotransmitters, or inflammation. Intestinal dysbiosis might contribute to psychiatric disorders in patients with bowel disorders.”

dysbiosis- might make a great Scrabble word. It means- an imbalance in the (intestinal) bacteria that causes changes in …..

In this case at least, the study showed that a gut imbalance appeared to ‘mess up’ the mice. “they” have always said to avoid anti-biotics and, if you cannot, then take pro-biotics. Organic yogurt with live cultures might do.