Great information

September 27, 2009 at 9:09 am

This is such a great information that you are all posting on this subject. Ryan has been looking into this treatment and has been talking to his neuro’s about it. He is currently on high doses of prednisone and doing Plasma Pheresis. He has been doing well on this treatment and is seeing some progress but its slow and he has become very puffy and has gained weight on the prednisone.
However even though he has had some progress he doesn’t want to do this treatment for years to come. He wants remission. That is why the push for the cytoxin on his part. He knows its not going to be easy but he wants remission so badly. We see Dr Lewis again Nov 2 and this will again be a topic Ryan discusses with him.
We did read that cytoxin can make you become sterile, has anyone experienced this side effect from cytoxin?