Gotta ask?

March 6, 2010 at 10:51 pm

Did they do a basic thyroid panel or a full AUTOIMMUNE one? There are different kinds, ya know? If not, ya know now! IF it is thyroid tho? Its relatively easy to ‘fix’ thru a medication. Just be dutiful and take it the SAME time each and every morning! Not to do so? Well, I can truly say…it’ll come back and bite you if it doesn’t! Thyroid is an easy fix….but it can take up to a year of dose tweaking to get things just right. Expect blood tests, at first bi-weekly, or monthly then on down to 2x a year forever. Small price to pay truly for knocking one other issue off THE LIST!
One hint? I ALWAYS go to one lab for all my tests…I pretend I’ve NOT fasted prior to going to the doc’s offices [and often haven’t?] This way I can make an appt w/the lab for the workup and I can make a copy of the tests ordered [at home, of course] and also fill out a request for a copy of test results to be sent to ME! ..that way I know what’s going on? And I can make copies to give to my herd of specialists so they don’t have to ’round them up’ and I’ll know before they see the results what mite be ‘problems’. It works… it’s easy and I can set my own terms for being ‘blood-let’.
Learning about blood tests is as much ‘fun’ as trying to learn about ‘nerve conduction tests’! Easier actually….sort of? 😮 Nuff said.