Got a mattress

November 28, 2007 at 1:39 am

Thanks to all. I finally insist on getting my mom the air mattress and made it this afternoon. The most encouraging thing is that my mom can half open her left eye and move a little both eyeballs this morning, which I think is her new gaining-back. She was trying very hard to speak to me, which is really upsetting cause I can not figure out.
The resident doc gave me the information about her CT scan yesterday, saying that nothing seems to be the infection source, and not sure about her blood counts to be low or not. Sometimes they just give totally contradictory infromation. The docs here in this hospital really so-so, the nurses even worse. I am thinking of transfering her to another hospital, but based on her no–medical-insurance status, I have no other choice.
Last 2 questions are: Can bedsore heal? How to speak on a vent, at least whisper?