Good luck Mac

April 30, 2009 at 7:34 am

God luck Mac! I hope that you get lucky getting the SSDI! May take a while before you get approved but don’t get discouraged and fight them every way. SSDI can be a pain in the tail getting on! The first 6 months you normally get denied. Everybody gets denied. Then you appeal. But if you can go ahead and get a lawyer after you get denied and make sure you have all you medical records available! They will send you a questionaire to fill out. And the questions will be different asking the same thing over and over again! Took me two years to get on SSD. And I had to fight everyway. Had doctors say I could not work and yet they denied me! After the second year I hired a lawyer and one week after I hired that lawyer I got approved!
good luck Mac! Hugs
Linda H