good explanation :)

February 28, 2009 at 10:35 am

My goodness you did a fantastic job at explaining that, thank you! So good that I will print that so I can let other try to see what its like. Dick did a wonderful job of explaining CIDP to me also! Yep, you guys are good! For me, my legs NEVER STOP twitching, its 24/7, non stop so I also wonder if its like this…the muscles or nerve not sure what is twitching, think its the muscles, anyway, they NEVER stop moving (twitching) so therefore they never rest & when I try to sit & relax and or TRY to sleep the muscles/nerves are trying to relax but can’t because of all this other …..going on with them so therefore thats when they decide to go PARTY on my time at night! Which in my mind (elementary at this point) is why my legs always hurt because its like running a marathon (thats a funny idea) and then the next day or so your muscles hurt because they were over used which is what happens to my legs 24/7 & more so when I have a bad night like last night, every hour up walking the floors & crying trying to get the cramp out. My husband has to help sometimes when the heel is up in the air & I & he with pushing down on me can’t get the heel down & the pain is just HUGE until we can get the heel down. Yes I’m with you, they still move & I am so happy about that. I have taught an aqua aerobics class for 15 yrs & know in my heart that is what has literlly kept me moving so WILL NEVER quit teaching that, for you all that have not tried it, go for it, its wonderful & you can do SO MUCH MORE in the water that we can’t do out of the water. I had a knee replacement (due to lyme) 3 1/2 months ago & was back in the water in 2 wks at the YMCA just so I could try to get this new knee moving. I tell ya it was WONDERFUL after the surgery & the rehab time for like 5 wks NO PROBLEMS WITH LEGS besides the new knee which really is not a painful process, would have more of those instead of the cramps/spasms in a minute its more like trying to learn how to reuse the leg, it was not what I expected but a nice surprise. Again, I thank you for all your wonderful information, keep it coming!
Kathi 🙂