Gonna answer more questions?

June 1, 2010 at 7:59 pm

Lori, you asked about ‘electrical shocks’? Well, it’s like you’ve been walking thru a carpeted house [ideally wool] and then touch something metal….ZAP!!
But the shocks of nerves dying and or trying to reconnect can and do HURT! Often BIG TIME! It’s somewhat like being attached to a live wire? Only the wires are your nerves. When they die, they just hurt soo bad, numbness and deadness, all nerve endings feel as if you’ve been burned at worst, or really sunburned [and gonna peel] at best. This sort of pain when it happens is a CONSTANT one. IF it affects the muscles? It’s like you’ve slept wrong on a leg or foot? And when you get up you can’t feel it and it doesn’t work. You take a bit and just ‘work it out’ and things are OK, but with GBS/CIDP it does NOT work out.
When nerves reconnect or try to? The zeeps and zaps [what I call them] are usually short term [rarely longer than 5 minutes] and are intermittent- for lack of a better word. I much prefer the ‘reconnect’ types, while they can be sharp- enuf to take your breath away? I keep THINKING HARD that this is GOOD! Not bad. At times it’s hard to keep thinking that? But it helps.
Of course, to make things worse? Trying to explain this all to a doctor of any kind? Well they’ve got those 30 second attention spans? Makes a person want to bring along their ‘Robin Hood’ Staff and start swinging! Honestly, you can see what you’re saying go in one ear and out the other!
More to come later, as I get my brain in gear. Hugs and hope to all!