Going thru it too

April 17, 2007 at 9:25 pm

Difinitely residue – I haven’t been on the site for months but I checked in tonight because of my intense residual symptoms. My neurologist said to expect symptoms to pop up for “at least” the next two years. I myself experience intense constricting of muscles so I feel I have to stretch or massage alot – especially hands and feet. It almost feels as if my hands were numb or asleep and this was the after effect. I find myself massaging or wringing my hands to cut the feeling many times. My beautiful family gave me one of those leg massagers from Brookstone for XMAS and I use it religiously every day to get me started. Its a matter of maintenance and a clear understanding of looking out for these minor complaints we might try to fluff off. I know how I felt before this occurred to me, its only been six months. I know what is a new pain or bothersome annoyance and what was there beforehand. I accept this and I look for ways to minimize it. Good luck and God bless.:)