Glucosamine Sulfate

September 29, 2008 at 10:25 pm

i also have other autoimmune disease, I have spondylitis and uveitis.
i think everybody with CIDP has got one, if not is because it was not found yet and diagnosed,
it seems that all cames one “single kit”, relapses and remitting symptoms they all came and go together.
My complementary therapies are;
– no sugar, low fat, whole rice and wheat
– physiotherapy and exercises
– vitamins, omega-3 and soy lecithin to rebuilt the myelin,
– glucosamine sulfate as low profile inmunomodulator,
– been positive to this, life, etc
Best regards,
Hi Pablo,
I’m learning some new things from you. I found your comments about people with CIDP often having other autoimmune diseases quite interesting. I know that I have read that many have irritable bowel issues, and it seems that many people can look back prior to their CIDP and relate it to some high fever event. Now I am busy reading about glucosamine sulfate as a low profile immunomodulator. Fascinating what I am learning. You mentioned that you leave it for flare-ups only. Could you explain that a bit please? Thanks for your contributions.