Getting on target! Bill….

March 2, 2011 at 9:35 pm

I truly hope that you didn’t ‘slosh’ embarassingly loud?
The prescriber of the IVIG…should/could test rite after infusions as well as sometime mid-way, then rite before a new infusion to get #’s on liver fuction and immune #’s…
I’ve had docs INSIST on taking blood work a day or 2 after infusions…AND I ALWAYS question it…stating that the infusion meds’ instructions indicate that it can ALTER normal blood work up #’s for a variety of things…Sure Enuf? It did!
The infusions, and either saline or glycine used in the various mixes can and do mess up the #’s big-time. When I engaged all my newer docs after I was on IVIG? I literally ‘interviewed’ each of them about their knowledges of IVIG and it’s benefits and drawbacks so I’d know they had at least? Heard of Ivig? These docs must know how this boost to the immune system does change many ‘normal’ blood work-ups’.
Actually had docs ask me: X drug…what’s this for? I tend to never see those docs again!
I also ask for copies of the test results [IF I can get them?] or at least copies of what tests were ordered…so I don’t get the same test next week-from someone else?
And YES…if docs don’t LISTEN to you? The stuff is gonna be a bunch of screwy #’s and a waste of time and $$.
But in the meantime? I do LOVE to watch the EYEBROWS raise and lower descreetly when they read the screwy #’s! Never happens twice!
Good LUCK!