Get up and go

February 8, 2007 at 7:42 am

Kit, When I was first diagnosed I had been very active. After a year of PT I promised myself I would always keep up the suggested program. It had an obvious affect on me physically and mentally. Then I ran into a wall, was carring for my wonderful father who eventually lost his battle with cancer. I stopped the exercising completely as I was exhaused at the end of each day; working and caring for my father.

Fast forward about a year, I had some minor surgery which really brought back the GBS risiduals and my mom was now needing care. So I headed back to PT to jump start myself mentally and physically.

Your suggestion is just what I need. A committment to check in and make sure I get up and go each day.
The Therapist had me doing some work with an exercise ball for core strength. I find it very relaxing as most of the initial movements were stretching and balance. I’m gradually addding 2 lb. wts. for my arms and beginning some leg exercises on the floor.

I kept a journal the first time around and it really helped to see the progress even though it was extremely slow.