Get help Now!

October 12, 2011 at 12:49 am

😮 I would say thay you should “cut to the chase” and head out to Mayo Clinic. If you cannot get an appointment soon- Just walk in as a “checker”. Problem is: which department should you think about going to first? Ask your family doctor. But don’t just sit back and search the web. Searching is great….but you need to get into a specialist who can help stop the progression of whatever it is you have. There are other big hospitals out there. I went to three docs and had multiple tests which were all negative. “Psychosomatic” Illness was what they were looking at when I said, enough is enough. I waited too long. Was misdiagnosed by a Dr. Selwa at the U of M Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI This caused me to have permanent damage- Act now! Do not wait.