Get creative

April 5, 2007 at 8:33 pm

From October thru January when the GBS was at its worst, I had difficulty swallowing. It felt like the food would go down a few inches and stop there. So I had to chew my food about 50 times to make sure it was liquid or drink a carbonated beverage to force it down. I realized that I had never really chewed my food well. I ate less and continue to do so now. I think my body deserves to rest and get better. You might want to try chewing your food really really well…maybe count to 50 chews before you swallow. Try it a few times and you’ll get into the habit. Also try and cut back on the carbs. I make sure that I do not eat a protein with a carb – it keeps the protein from getting absorbed properly. My nails and long and strong. That way I know I am getting sufficient protein to rebuild my body. Every little bit we can do for our bodies helps it to heal faster…..