Get an appt w/a dermatologist?

March 21, 2011 at 10:56 pm

Take pics of your welts IF you can? Or go and be seen w/them. Docs can’t do much unless the SEE the problem! Happened to me once? and it took two derm. doc visits until it could be SEEN. After that? Prescribed topical steroids of Protopic and Clobetasol for the s/e of Puritis or Urticaria [sp?] My experiences w/neuro docs is that they’ve never heard of this as a s/e! Just say ‘its in the prescribing info!’ and leave it at that.
See page 3 of the prescribing information.
url or just web up the brand name of the IVIG and go to the ‘full prescribing information’ tab.
These itches make poison ivy seem like a walk in the park! Don’t they?
Good luck!

PS all said above has merit… Had a bad batch once as well. Not fun? Maybe ask your neuro to change brands? Sometimes that helps. Worth a shot anyhow.