GBS is a disease of the peripheral nervous system…

June 16, 2006 at 12:13 am

Dear Anita,
[QUOTE]I’m post GBS for 23 years and 4 years ago they found spinal leisions. My nero says I have both GBS and MS and the big suprise she told me it wasn’t that uncommon.[/QUOTE] GBS is a disease of the peripheral nervous system, not the central nervous system. GBS does not cause spinal cord lesions – that is a disease of the spinal cord, or a myelopathy…GBS can not cause this problem. Also, GBS is an acute disease…you would not have it 4 years. You could possibly have residual effects, but it would not be active at this time…unless you have chronic GBS known as CIDP, but CIDP does not cause spinal lesions either.

Possible causes of spinal cord lesions: Multiple Sclerosis, Transverse myelitis, epidural abscess, tumors, poliomyelitis, enteroviral infections of the anterior horn cells, Hopkins syndrome, vascular malformations, cord infarctions, cord compression, lumbosacral disk syndromes, or other trauma…but not GBS/CIDP.

Warmest regards.