Frustration man I am hating my doctor

June 30, 2008 at 5:03 pm

I asked my doctor to refer me to the pain specialists/pain clinic, he refused. He told me that all they would do is prescribe narcotics and that he did not want me seeing them. Yet when I told him that I am tired of being in as much pain as I am currently he just said well I will see what I can do mabye I’ll higher your dose of topamax or epi-val(which he thinks helps with nerve pain, news to me) any way after saying that do you think he wrote anything down to do those changes. NO. I am frustrated with his empty promises and his arrogant attitude that he knows everything there is with everything. My blood pressure is extremly low yet he says he would only worry if I was older but I am young and not to worry. He knows I have secondary heart damage yet fails to test my heart out just to make sure everything is working OK. My bladder is not working to well but he only would get me to see an outpatient urologist as opposed to an inpatient urologist as he says they don’t come up except in emergencies. Then to top all things off for the last 2 days I have had increadable pain in my upper right abdomen yet he refuses to come and see me or even to check for what I’m asking him to rule out. I just want to rule out that it is not pancreatitis again, I don’t know whats wrong but it hurts, he has droped my codiene down to once every 12 hours, which is a joke and all I have left in my arsonal is Ibeprofen and Flexoral. I am in agony yet he won’t change even my pain killers to help my pain until he can get in to see me and rule things out. I am fed up and just don’t know where to go. He thinks he is such an expert even in GBS that you can’t talk to him about things and he thinks he knows everything. He just wants to ignore the aspect of the chronic pain and how it effects people. He just doesn’t clue in. It was him who took me off the adivan I was taking and a couple other pain meds when I came into hospital, he also has not been giving me my preventitive asthma puffers due to the fact I am a smoker.

Physio is no help either as when I ask for certain things they give to other patients they just tell me I don’t need them or some other bullshit story. Friends outside can’t understand why they don’t send my to Glenrose Rehabilitational Hospital but all the Doctors automatically say is they won’t take me. They don’t even bring in the doctors fron Glenrose to assess me to make that determination they just automatically say they won’t take me.

I feel stuck with no where to turn. I don’t know even if there is another neurologist that takes longer term patients in the hospital as the doctor I have now is the one that takes all long term cases. I don’t even know where to go for a second opinion.