French Polio

April 8, 2010 at 12:25 pm

Glad you liked my analogy of lightning. You are less four months into recovery…you still have more time for your body to heal. Since you were hospitalized for 2 months, it sounds like you did not have a mild case. You are correct in people not realizing how bad GBS really is. It’s nickname is French POLIO. If we used this term, more people would give us some slack!! I am so grateful that I did not read this term until I was on the road to recovery…it might have panicked me and I would have allowed them to admit me to the hospital. So when they say that President FDR had polio, they are right in that he had French Polio – GBS. (researchers reviewed his case a few years ago and discovered this.)
GBS is a syndrome which means they cannot put their finger on what causes it. IF you go back and read some of the old emails, you will find that people got it from a vaccination, or after quitting smoking, or running a marathon, …what they all have in common is that we over taxed our bodies. Mine was from stress – five years of taking care of my mom while teaching plus ushering at a Performing Arts center…I tried to do it all….then she died …so it is like juggling…..when you have too many balls in the air, it’s all going to come crashing down…..voila..GBS….with some it is an immunization that is the final ball…..mine was tomatoes….it overloaded an already overloaded system…my right foot was getting numb..(tomatoes and potatoes cause arthritis in many people)
You are lucky to have family and friends…..I avoid all prescription medicines since many have bad side effects……I do not want to start another juggling situation!