Frankly as with any ‘responsible’

July 7, 2007 at 11:10 pm

insurance plan…your ‘expert’ who appears to be out of ideas…should SHOULD provide you with acceptable approvable EXPERTS out of network that are approved with his little effort of writing the referral and doing the paper-work! Crikeys! This is becoming one hyper unnecessary mess! Not one single insurance plan has never not dealt with any such ‘catastrophic’ issues before – you need one key warm body at your insurance co dealing with your kind of issue…and we all know they pretend not to know? Whew! That is out!
As for any ’emotional stress’ one has? DUH? My doc asks me about this, and I always tartly reply: well, IF you had this set of issues, how could you NOT be emotionally taxed?….And, no thank you, I do not want to add anti-depressants to my already ‘toxic-mix’ of medications.
Back to the ultimate of basics – does this mean every prior diagnosis has been countered in some funky way? If that’s the case, I’d recommend checking out US NEWS Top 100 hospitals and then eliminate Mayo as they’ve become somewhat ultra strange conservative in IVIG therapies…don’t know why. That’d leave New York and Hopkins….All competent to give you the what all once over you need before it goes too far…and Hi enuf in status that not podunk doc is gonna say ain’ so. to…if you know what I mean….Easier to get an appointment to also….keep that in mind. Have faith, keep faith…we are with you!