Forgot to mention this

December 27, 2008 at 1:50 am

I just had surgery for having adhesions around the lower bowels because of a C-Section. The doctor seemed to think that was why I was having pain in my lower abdomin. Hmm! If I don’t get IBS again after having this surgery, then they fixed my problem. But what if they really didn’t fix my problem? Maybe this was Celiac causing the pain and not the adhesions.
So now I am wondering if I had a surgery that really was totally useless! Now I have a fear of getting IBS again for I don’t know if that adhesion problem was really my problem at all.
And after reading what I read about Celiac, it really is rather scary but is a more treatable disease that can be reversed. Maybe I might get lucky here and have something that can reverse all these bad symptoms I have had. Getting better and much more healthy again!
OHHH! Would I love to see that word Healthy! I’m so sick of taking pills! Not to mention seeing doctors all the time. This specialist and that specialist to another specialist. I hope 2009 I will see less doctors and a better life! So tired of seeing doctors and not seeing real people. Meaning me visiting family and friends again and not having to take my huge bag of medicines with me everywhere I go!

You know what is so annoying! Going to the doctors and they want you to brings all medicines with you when you go. So before I go I have to get a Walmart Grocery bag and when I get done, the bag is full of grocery pills! Not some small bag! A large bag full!
Then I go in to see my doctor and there is a 90 year old lady with a tiny little bag of her medicines. I get embarrassed loading all those pills.
And then going to the ER at times lugging that bag. Feel like a drug addict taking her pills with her and wanting more! Not true but boy do people stare at me when I am at the ER holding a huge bag of pills.
I just hate being sick! But I am not the only one that is sick! I am pretty sure many of us have the same sized bags!