For what it’s worth

November 8, 2009 at 9:46 am

For what it’s worth, I’ve been using a mushroom extract and find
that my immune ability is apparently improved. That is, of course
my own anecdotal experience. I started this a while after having
an Epstein-Barr infection four years ago which caused severe GBS.

There is some research support for using these products, though
it is rather tenuous. I don’t want to quote anything because, though
I did a lot of looking around, I don’t remember much. However, the
basic claim has something to do with similarity between various
components of certain types of mushrooms used medicinally and
some immune antibodies.

In my experience, I have not had colds since I started taking
these products whereas before I always had severe colds a
couple of times each year. I have had a stomach virus about
a year ago but not much else in the way of virus infections.

The products can be obtained from Fungi Perfecti in Olympia, WA.
The direct page link is:


The ones I used are called “CordyChi” and “G5”. I used them at a
rate of 12 drops each in fruit juice each morning and lately
reduced that to about 8 to ten drops each. They are tasteless.
When my current supply is gone I am switching to a more
comprehensive formulation called “MyCommunity”. These products
are expensive but each bottle can last several months. The
company is honest and I have never had any trouble with payment
or delivery.

Once again, my experience with these is just my own but I’m
satisfied enough that I expect to continue.