August 27, 2008 at 5:23 pm

Hi again , I know youve got a different variant so to speak, but thought would just mention i had initially tried o prednisone (not pulsed) in conjunction with ivig with no effect, it didnt even hold me, and i continued to deteriorate on the o pred and ivig. Re side effects and tolerating the pulse, no majors (in comparison to being paralysed anyway) only initially hair loss (not too bad) increase appetite but if ones strong enough this doesnt need to be a big prob, biggest issues is insomnia on day of treatment, mood swings, again i learn to deal with these MOST of the time, and of course the taste of it during infusion. In the study i was talking aobut these things and a few other things were identified. Of course you need some form of calcium supplement and or biphosphantes etc, osteoporosis was an issue long term. Again relevance is related to current age, and current state of health – this is a concern for me as have many many many more active years in me yet!!!
all the best