Follow Up

August 26, 2006 at 12:24 pm

Thanks to all who replied.
My Stats, I’m a 26yo man- youthfully crazed boy. I quit my job in March due to lack of mobilty and incontinence, but I can still ride my bike fast. I now work from home, the set up seems to be satisfactory.
I’ve had tested and noted loss of strength on my right side since Oct ’05. Started seeing DCM for what he thought were sciatic problems in Feb ’06. Didn’t help. My GP recommended rest from exercise, did it and had modest results. As soon as I’d do more than be couch-ridden, symptoms were back. I am cyclist (NO DRUGS, NOT FLOYD), and have a very difficult time pedaling with right leg and continuous tingling/ numbness on right arm, shoulder, and side of face. A top-notch nuero surgeon friend of mine ordered MRIs, all clean. He recommeneded me to a neurologist who’s EMGs resulted in a dx of PN. The test data was mixed as best, so I had the test done by 2nd neuro who said that I’m clear, no slow nerves. She recommened therapy.

I continued to have symtoms. My GP recommended 2400mg NSAID and I felt MUCH better until I picked up my regular day-to-day routines again. A Methro dose pack knocked out my inflammation entirely in mid July, but I still was weak on my right side. Balance isn’t there. I could walk, jog, and cycle fine. Now I’m back to where I was prior to the steriod and want to move on.

I have an appt at Baylor MC in 10 days with neuros there, but there still has not been a diagnosis. After the research I’ve done, I am worried that I am not treating my illness, whatever it is, soon enough. With the decreased strength and tendon elasticity assoc. with CIDP, I do not want to quit riding my bike, but am I making things worse?


Follow up

July 6, 2006 at 11:37 pm


Did you ever manage to get your doctor to deal with your hypothyroidism? By the way, hardly any doctor really looks at the cause, partly because so many cases are Hashimoto’s and partly because the treatment is the same regardless of the cause. If your doctor is looking into the cause, that is pretty impressive. Would you be willing to let us know about his/her findings?

Here is a link to an article about Hashimoto’s thryoiditis and hypothyroidism generally: (link deleted by administration)