March 30, 2007 at 3:25 pm

Hi Bunny, This is so interesting because I was diagnosed with FMS 20 years ago. It took over a year to get the right diagnosis. I had to be seen by a Rhunmatologist(sp), a neurologist, a psycologist,a GP etc. They did all the cat scans, blood work and I think the clincher was the 25 pressure points. I would go right to the floor on some of them. I have been on anti-inflamitory meds forever. Do they help? Who knows anymore.
I do see some likeness to GBS. The FMS pain I have reacts for the most when our barometer changes. And we have lots of changes. Also stress. It feels like someone is inside your body squessing your muscles with a vise.
GBS is very different for me. My insides always feel like a tuning fork–like they are always vibrating. And shaking. I drop everything. Its very uncomfortable and gets much worse as the day goes on. And by bedtime I feel like my head is going to explode through my ears. I really fight with myself to rest, I know it is so important, but I always see something I should be doing. I hope some of this makes sense. Diane