Florencia? YOU are on your way? To where is the next question…

January 22, 2010 at 8:52 pm

I understand your ‘dizziness’ from diagnosis to treatment? Went thru it w/the seemingly MONTHS of tests and then a diagnosis and treatment to a followup of the same w/ cancer!
Kind of like what Elmer Fudd said about being on a ship in a storm: “And the swhip wocked and wocked and wocked’…. Find yourself on level ground one minute and sort of hovering over deep water the next! I try to rise above it all by learning as much as I can about what I have! Not easy, but it helps you understand the new wrinkles that can and do happen w/o panic, Panic isn’t conducive to our med issues…Nope, not at all!
You cannot DENY this stuff! It’s persistent, tenacious and makes your life miserable….UNLESS you choose to not LET IT!
You are getting to the understanding point! But getting others to ‘get it’? IS HARDer than you can imagine!
To others? Simply be short and sweet, state that you feel weak and you dont want to “fall down on them” literally if you go out with them? But would LOVE A Doggie BAG? Most folks don’t have a CLUE nor can relate any of our issues, it’s not easy to explain.
I honestly have to tell you? I found out which friends & Family I could count on to help and those who not to count on during this all. When you give and don’t get any understanding back? Time to consider whether they are close friends or merely acquaintences. Some lessons are harsh as is reality, others can be and ARE inspiring!
BUT GOOD THINGS ALL? EVEN THO YOU ARE DIZZY! YOu got the dianosis and you got the treatments! With treatments-things will be ‘different good, and different not so’. But – Different is maybe an improvement?
Promise me tho? That you won’t gnaw off an extremety due to the pain, please?
Hope always !
PS It feels SOO Good not to keep hitting your head against concreate walls! Doesnt it?