Five years and counting

September 21, 2009 at 5:10 pm

Jan 3 2004 having just returned from India w/family — collapsed right leg left arm Dx took a while as they tested me for every known tropical disease first -but had an acute case — respirator 3.5 months ICU one month, hosp- transfer to Mt Sinai NY 3 months, Burke 3 months,-sub acute 3 months, back to Burke rehab 3 months and finally home in power chair — remaining period at Danbury Hosp rehab where I stated walking with walker -and have moved onto loftstrands but still a bit wobbly– powerchair now in garage! driving, traveling again, went for a swim this year cheered on by family and still making progress at rehab and gym — hands are still lagging behind but able to type on the machine and when needed can survive on my own although my wife may not always approve of the diet . At age 72 –I’m looking forward to becoming even more independent with loftstrands and maybe a cane as the long term goal

The illness has given me a very different look on life and has allowed me in some ways to appreciate many more phases of what life really means.
As for that anniversary — a little hellish — but happy to be still improving or as we say Getting Better Slowly

Robert Jones 🙂