First Update: Lyme, Neuropathy, CIDP and IVIg

March 21, 2009 at 4:18 pm

My sister visited her neurologist last week. The neurologist stated several of his patients have shown a non-existent response for many months while on IVIg before improving. This is consistent with comments found here.

He stated improvement is expected and that improvement would be gradual.

He further stated that she should have a skin biopsy test conducted again to determine if the pattern of denervation has stopped; to see if there are any nerve fiber(s) growth relative to the first test conducted. A positive result will indicate evidence of recovery, which has yet to outwardly manifest in physical terms. The neurologist stated he is likely to increase the dosage of IVIg independent of the test result.

As an observer, it is difficult to see how a brilliant and vibrant young woman could be as incapacitated as she is from disease. Debilitated, in the sense that she has lost the complete ability to speak and walk.

Your comments from your experiences are welcomed.

Thank you.