First off? You WILL see lots better after surgery.

July 2, 2011 at 8:51 pm

I’ve had both eyes done, before CIDP tho? Yet do know you are awake, tho your face is partially paralyzed in order to do the surgery. Anathesia wears off in a reasonable amount of time and while healing occurs? Antibiotic Drops are often required.
I had the old fashioned type of surgery w/implants and not the laser surgeries tho… So I can’t speak to the laser aspects. While the eyes [had both done a few months apart] were healing, the vision changes dramatically. So I truly hope you are on great terms with your optomitrist. Mine gave me a break for lenses as my vision readjusted to ”new” normal at cost. I’m his for his working life!
The other thing to consider is that you mite become very much more lite sensitive. I’d found that clip-on’s from Wal-Mart or other such places are cheap $14. compared to $60 at a professional? But they help immensely with the ‘sudden’ briteness you mite experience.
I did have some laser work on scarring for one eye and there was no pre-prep for that in-office procedure.
All in all? I’d do it again! So much nicer to SEE! The drugs used are minimal and the end results are usually negligible.
As for your anathesia? I love versed… wake up and feel your nerves! Report back. I had no pain or numbness for about 24 hours after a different outpatient test using that. Wow! Tho it’s not something to take or need often? [It’s to be used very prudently] It was super to feel ‘normal’ for a while.
Be aware of maybe some visual distortions rite after surgeries. Don’t be scared about them, just learn to accomodate them. It’s harder w/balance issues? But it can be done. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, ever!