Finished six cytoxin treatments

April 20, 2010 at 3:15 pm

I finished my scheduled six cytoxin treatments today (4/20/2010) and met with my neurologist. My initial dosage was 2000mg. Based on blood work that was decreased to 1450mg for the remaining five sessions.

The basic conclusion, mine and the doctors, is that I have not improved over the course of the treatment. That is not encouraging.

The plan is to wait three months, to see if I improve and the cytoxin is out of my system. If I still have not improved we will try a different treatment. Most likely cyclosporine.

I live in Foxboro MA. I worked with a local neurologist backed up by a level three neurologist at Rhode Island hospital. When the IVIG, steroids and PM failed to work I sought a third opinion at St Elizabeth’s in Boston where the cytoxin treatments have been done. I do believe I’m in good hands.

As far as the diagnosis is concerned there is a lot of data to make the doctors believe I have CIDP.

As of now, my quality of life is pretty good. No pain, good appetite, feel good in general. I have difficulty getting out of a chair, pulling myself up stairs. I walk with a cane. My balance is poor. I have to be very careful not to fall.

Thanks for your interest. I’ll keep you posted.