Finally saw the best neurologist

May 19, 2006 at 6:35 pm

Hey Guys:

Glad to see a bunch of the old bunch back and a bunch of new people, altho I am sorry to see them here. Welcome.

Monday was great. The doc took a full history, whey excellent up to date EMG tests, and 9 tubes of blood. The EMG doc said I definatley had a neuropathy and it was asymetrical, meaning different from left side to right. Given the history, Dr. Hahn said that my problem stemmed from the ears, nose and throat infection that I had a year ago last March/April. I don’t have GBS because of the slow progresstion over 4-5 months, but she said that it was not CIDP because CIDP is not normally caused by an infection. She called it ‘Post Infection Neuropathy’. I am recovering. I have my difficulties and pain, but I am getting better. She says that I should recover. I have to keep up the physio on my own because the group benefits have already been topped out for this year.My drumming in a drum corps has buildt up my strength in my hands, legs and feet over the winter. The drumming in itself has been physio for my hands. Over the winter, I could still barely walk, but it’s improving. I await the result of the tests which she says should take 7 to 10 days. She promised to send me the same report that she sends my idiot GP, as she realized that my GP was not trustworthy enough to relate the diagnose to me.

Geez, as a mom, I worried about ear infections, but not a neuropathy. Wow, what a thought.

So am I still welcome, lol, I know I am. I don’t have GBS/CIDP. So much discussion…Is it GBS or is it CIDP. The forum is also for the Foundations statement of [B]’other neuropathys’. [/B] It seems that we have to stop labelling ourselves. It is quite possible that a lot of docs label the GBS or CIDP diagnosis on a patient just to have done with it and it’s an easy way out through ignorance

Luv you all
Jules01 aka Val.