Finally got it, but…

October 16, 2011 at 9:28 am

Thanks everyone.

I did finally get that link open. However, it was only by pasting the document title “MAT109IV.pdf” directly into the search box on the main website.

My goodness, that worksheet looks something like required reading for my nuclear power school courses.

I never had such trouble opening a link before. I tried all my usual tricks plus the hints above. All to no avail. Sometimes I got web error “url not found” or on and on.

Stooopid computer! You don’t suppose it’s IICIFOC error, do you?

[B]I[/B]diot [B]I[/B]n [B]C[/B]hair [B]I[/B]n [B]F[/B]ront [B]O[/B]f [B]C[/B]omputer!!!