Fibro/ SMiley

February 9, 2008 at 7:13 pm

I ahve Fibro and Sjogrens and find the pain different from the cidp. my fibro pain is deep in the muscles and if i am touched or poked or my cat jumps on my lap it increases the pain.
I have 18 of the 18 trigger points to dx fibro. it might be helpful to look it on the net and see if you have any of the trigger points.
Fibro and Sjogrens make me very tired.
i have found since being on Arava 20 mg it has helped both the Sjogrens and Fibro.
i find the pain with cidp to be like electric shocks that increase in intensity and the 24/7 numbnss, tingling, pain, pins/needles, electric shocks difficult to deal with.
i find that cidp makes me exhausted to the point of having to be in bed on some days.