Fellowship of the Screwed

September 11, 2010 at 1:04 pm

I am an old-timer and remember Lee from the Old Board when he first became a member. If I remember correctly Lee’s Daughter also got GBS.

I am now 81 and read the Forums; but have not written often since the Old Board went down. Trouble typing now also.

What I wanted to say about the article Lee wrote is that in no way would he ever consider the gas pipe etc. That is just his way of writing and his dry sense of humour. Maybe if some of you could go back and read some of his old Posts; you would see how many times he helped people who were down in the dumps etc.

Glad to see a few of the oldies on here. My wife and I went to the Symposium 2 yrs. ago when it was held in Chicago. Very enjoyable and we met some wonderful people.