fatigue and numbness

August 9, 2008 at 8:54 pm

I have had gbs nw for two years. Was paralysed all the way to my forehead. now it is sitting at my chin. I am numb but can use my hands. I walk with forearm crutches (90%) and a quad cane(10%). Started back to work and am driving some. Drs are treating me as if this is all i will regain. I dont know what to think. I am doing PT again. THey seem to think I will be able to walk despite the numbness. I cant get anyone to understand the fatigue. I am bipolar so they think it is because i am depressed. I say i am just tired all the time. THe more i do the more tired i get. I am also having trouble with my memory. THey used to blame that on neurotin but i dont take anything but vitamins and my psych meds(very low doses of those) I can sleep up to 1/2 the day and still do not feel refreshed. I really have to push myself to get anything accomplished.