Fast Recovery.

September 5, 2010 at 2:48 pm

I am not fully recovered yet, but I amazed my neuro with how fast I did get this far. I drove in to the hospital on June 17th, I was intubated on the 18th. Revived and began ivig on the 19th. I was ready to leave the hospital on the 23rd (6th day). I then spent 2 weeks at an in-patient rehab hospital undergoing 3 hours of pt/ot each day.

Home in 21 days on July 9th.

By then I could dress myself, do the stairs (while holding both railings). I could walk (against my doctors advice). I still used a walker outside of home for safety sake and due to a lack of endurance. I showered sitting down and used the toilet with the aid of arm rests. I began outpatient pt. Pasted my ot evaluation, no Ot required.

July 30th I chose to begin driving. I could have tried driving sooner, but I had rides from family up to that point. August 3rd I began driving to rehab on my own.

August 12th I was ready to stop outpatient pt, we agreed that I would continue for two more visits anyway as I still had move sick leave remaining. The same day at the neuro’s office I had regained my reflexes. My Neuro had been telling me all along that in most cases the reflexes never return. I had already finished with my oxycodone by that point and got advise on how to come down off of the 2700 mg a day gabapentin. I don’t need naps anymore. I rest in bed, but don’t need the extra sleep.

Today September 5th I’m off all meds, I shower standing up. I droving into Manhattan yesterday. The FDR/Harlem River drive was slammed so I slowly drove down Park Ave around midtown and back. 2 hours spent in the car.

I still have numbness in my feet and calves. After too much exertion they start to tingle a lot and I usually spend the rest of the day on the couch or in bed watching tv. I really got the hang of this DVR.

My full-pay sick-time will be done on the 90th day so I’ll be going back to full-time work on day 89 September 14th. I feel a little embarassed by my own quick recovery when reading about people who haven’t recovered after 4 or 5 years. The best time was when I passed a major milestone and my wife nearly wept with joy.