January 28, 2010 at 11:30 pm

Greetings all

I find it fascinating that we all share some of these “small” issues, particularly the lower tolerances to various sounds and smells. I have sensory CIDP like Kazza, and it has resulted in being extremely sensitive to loud noise…and my hearing “improving” so that I can hear very quiet noises in strange situations. I can’t stand the noise, I feel very overstimulated…sensory overload. The same with smell. If I cook something like fish or a curry, or something with tomato and garlic, for example…I feel like I can smell it for ages afterwards. Using room sprays just makes it worse. You end up feeling quite isolated; you don’t want to be around people because of the noise and atmosphere of people having a good time!

I sound abit morose. I am having abit of a relapse. Over the last three days, my feet have been so painful that I can’t put my shoes on again. My body is experiencing electric shocks and burning. The last time this happened I ended up on plasmapheresis. It did really help but I would rather not have to go there again….:( I have been feeling really well lately. I hope that this is just temporary and because I am due for my IVIg. But, I haven’t had this sort of breakthrough pain for quite a long time….

Sorry. Just needed to vent abit.