family & friends

February 16, 2007 at 12:48 am

hi jack. family and friends are not as sympathetic as they should be, because to them, you appear “normal”. they don’t feel what you feel (or don’t feel). they don’t know the weakness and fatigue you battle every day. and they don’t feel your pain you try to hide. let them walk in your shoes for just (1) hour and family and friends would look at you as a hero for finding the will to fight this god awful illness and live with it day in and day out. i have printed out many of these posts to make people understand what i’m going through. they seem to understand it a little better now. maybe search through this site a bit and find a post or two that relates to you and read some of them to your relatives and such. they’ll get a better grip on your illness. the one thing you can count on is us gbs’ers on this site. we really do know how you feel. we feel it too. feel free to vent to us anytime and get out your frustrations about others not understanding the severity of your illness. that’s what we’re here for. stay well.