facial numbness

November 26, 2009 at 9:46 am

Hi Dick,

Facial numbness was the first fast changing symptom I had exerienced.
Besides the aching legs and numbness climbing my legs, one day two Novembers ago, Bang, my left side of my face, from under the eye socket down to the center of my chin got really numb. An hour later it seemed to somewhat subside. the next month it did it again and I called my dr after hours and we went ahead with the brain MRI and Spinal tap, After doing antibiotics and ruling out bells palsey. Diagnosis came more clear the following Spring.

I had over the years had a drooping eyelid. My optometrist noticed it and said this sometimes happens and there was a surgery for it.
After stricken with this last two bouts of facial issues, I kinda looked like I had a stroke.

One year later I went on IVIG which was last Jan. the eyelid has improved and my smile is more even. I do full IVIG loads per month and have severe inflammation still accompanied by serious pain. If I don’t take oxycontin, I am about screaming in pain. I can run and walk as long as my pain is controlled.
I get bad headaches at the base of my head from time to time. Its is PARALYZING pain I get in my lower extremities.

Still fighting to work. I have a safety sensitive position, last week my work told me I can’t have any narcotics so that has stirred up the situation. I am back to wicked Pain once again.

Every Oct, Nov and Dec, it seems my symtoms increase. 3 years in a row. I am very frustrated as I am sure many of us are.

I hope things improve for you. It was nice to hear your back to work if even for limited hours. It does wonders for you to be able to work. Good Luck Dick.