Eyes can definitely become affected.

March 28, 2009 at 4:28 pm

Hi Peggy,
I have Horner’s Syndrome in one eye, and was told it was definitely caused by the CIDP, (it is shown in one piece of literature here at the GBS/CIDP Foundation site as stating so as well). It is an eye problem, which you can google for full details. The Horner’s Syndrome was my first symptom, and is what started the neuros on the long road to my final diagnosis two years later, after more symptoms came up.
Also, when great fatigue creeps up on me, I have double vision, and sometimes watch TV with one eye closed.
I also have light sensitivity, (it is called photophobia), which also seems to affect many people with CIDP.
My neuro. insisted that I see a neuro-ophthalmologist , which I do, and he has me see him every 6 months. They are watching for optic nerve involvement. He told me the double vision was from the CIDP.
I remember having very bad migraines in the beginning of my diagnosis, because of the light sensitivty. But, luckily, the office where my neuro. is, is a team of neuros., about 10 different neuros, each with his/her own specialty. One of them had a specialty for people dealing with migraines. And he is a very progressive doctor, as he institutes different drug trials for dealing with migraines. He attempted using NSAID drugs, (which are used for people with arthritis), and for me at that time which was years ago, he told my neuro. to prescribe Indocin for me, as he had gotten excellent results.
I am SO glad he did, as from the from then on, I have not had a migraine in many years now. I still take the Indocin 50 mg twice daily to this day, and SWEAR by the drug. I remember how horrible the migraines were, where I would have to stay in my bedroom with the blinds closed as dark as I could get it and as quiet as I could get it, dealing with what felt like my head was going to explode… I DEFINITELY do NOT miss the damn things. lol
But you can read in past posts every now and then that this pops up, how many people here have said they have light sensitivity.
I feel for you, and wish those evil migraines away from you…I remember them well, and would not even “wish them on my worst enemy”.