exosurf–not sure if this the info your looking for??

September 23, 2011 at 10:24 pm

both neurologists i have seen have said that remission is what they are aiming for.
My regular neurologist said that she was concerned of the ivig because she didnt want my body to become dependent on it—-because she has seen it often??? The plan im currently on is a 16 week ivig schedule in attempt to “reboot” or “modulate” my immune system.
This was Dr. Dycks–mayo clinic regiman. After the 16 weeks i am to see my regular dr or fly back to mayo to see him–is what he put in the plan.
I dont reallty know what she meant by becoming dependant on ivig, because it appears that a lot of people do it forever. guess i wil find out the end of this trial.
They both sound as though the ivig is not something to be on forever–just a step to change my immune system and if it doesnt then on to something different.