June 24, 2011 at 2:23 pm

I was encouraged from the beginning to exercise. Already from the beginning of my stay in the hospital (no feeling in hand and feet) I was (trying) to push away the foot-board away from the bed, I had a stress-ball in my hand and was squeezing it while, when I could sit on my bed with the side-boards on, I would throw it at the wall and catch it. Also I was walking around my bed on my toes (holding the bed) and on my heels. sitting and getting up from a chair without hands and without first sliding to the edge. In my house I would continue excercise during ironing, cooking and anything else I did standing up. Gardening was a very useful exercise ( cutting away small branches and leaves, picking them up. picking fruits from a tree and picking wild weeds from the flower beds (without diving in them). Now, a year later, I go for long walks (hm, two kilometers back and two kilometers forth) along the beach way (wide pavement without trees, obstacles and uneven parts). It really helps a lot I believe and the doctors are amazed at my progress although the testing doesn’t show such great improvement. Personally I believe that excercise helps you not to focus on yr disease and is also a great stress-reliever. exercise is very easily done in and around the house and this gives you the chance to lay down for 15 minutes to get your breath again. Go exercise but rest as soon as your muscles start burning (that was the advice from my physicians as well as the physiotherapist.